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Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Finding monologues • Inexpensive Headshots
by Ms. Bubbette

April 2001


Where would you recommend finding good monologues for auditions?

I need a "serious" monologue for an audition for the REDEMPTION 16mm short coming up Thursday!

Will Foster

Dear Will,

Wow! You're cutting it a bit fine aren't you? Needing a monologue with two days' notice? I don't usually e-mail actors questions directly, but will do so this one time because of your time crunch.

I have found Borders Books to have a fine selection of recent monologues for all ages. And the price is right too.

* One excellent series is called "Solo. The best Monologues of the 80's (90's) for Men (Women) ( Kids) They cater for serious, comic and seriocomic. There's a brief explanation at the start of the scene and the age of the character. Used primarily for stage auditions, they are fine for any kind of audition. The fact is, an actor is rarely asked to do a monologue for a movie audition, the directors preferring to see a cold or prepared reading from the actual screenplay.

* Also "Monologues for Teenagers" by Robert Karshner.

* If you're somewhat of a writer, write your own. Or copy a longish speech down from a movie you may have on hand - omitting any dialogue of the other character(s).

Break a leg! Let us know if you are successful...

Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette,

Is there any cheap place in austin to get head shots? Or, when they ask for head shots do you have to have real head shots or can a picture just do? and if any good picture is ok, what size should it be?

Also, you have to join the Screen Actors Guild before you will be able to ...? Is that only for Film and TV or the stage as well?

Thanks for answering my questions.

Kathy Hench

Dear Kathy,

Taking your questions in order, my suggestion for an excellent inexpensive headshot: David Korkan at Pennylane Digital Studios Ph# 306-0843. For $85 he offers 20-30 digital shots and two outfit changes. You leave with a B&W print including your name. This would be your Master copy for mass production* - see below. His entire shoot is put on CD and the session takes 2-3 hours.

The average price for a headshot session can run from $150 - $200+. Any more than that is unreasonable in my eyes unless you are a model and require many poses and a lengthy shooting session. Because David works digitally he can keep his prices lower. Another advantage is, if you have an unwanted zit or blemish pop up on the day of the shoot, he can digitally remove it from the Master.

Headshots must be 8"X10" and black and white if you want to appear professional. You should also have an agent to handle your bookings and they would require at least 30+ headshots to send out to casting directors. (You also need some for yourself to take to auditions.) It costs nothing to have an agent. They get paid after they have found you work, taking a commission from your paycheck.

*For mass production of photos:
Austin Quantity Photos 2906 San Gabriel St; Austin Ph:# 481-1911

If you are applying for extra work, a small recent snapshot will suffice.

I suggest you go back through Ms. Bubbette's previous letters and read what is required of an actor, new or otherwise. Start with the letter to "Newie" February 2001 and then the letter from John Borrowman AFTRA/SAG in March 2001. This should explain the complicated question re Screen Actors Guild.

Just remember that in Texas we actors can work in a union movie without being a union member (SAG) because of living in a "right-to-work" state. When you get enough work to cover the SAG fees, then it is your choice whether to join or not.

Good luck and do join us at the austinactors' monthly get-togethers - dates announced on this site.

Ms. Bubbette

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