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Article Archives from 2000 - 2004

Articles by Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Acknowledge Fans' emails? • Need Script supervisor - how-where? • High School screenwriter - help! • German actress has 4 questions • Join SAG? Franchised agents? - September 2004

Ms. Bubbette Revealed! - March 2004

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Note from Ms. Bubbette • Kudos from a reader • Houston actor looking for Austin agent • Broke actor wants to study at LA school • Stage Moms – is this a bad rap? • Arlington student wants Austin agent... - January 2004

Dear Ms. Bubbette: August 2003 - August 2003

Dear Ms. Bubbette: May 2003 - May 2003

Dear Ms. Bubbette: January 2003 - January 2003

Dear Ms. Bubbette: November 2002 - November 2002

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How does one market musicals • What is a realistic cost for a demo reel? • What does it take to get that BREAK? • Louisiana asks: Should I act in my home state & should I change my name? • Talented 12 year old needs vocal coach, musical theatre in Austin • Should actor send headshots to out-of-state auditions? • Comedy troupe needs to market itself around Texas • More thanks from grateful actor • Fleecing scandal at out-of-town acting school • Boston actor - should they return to Austin for acting work? • Versatile entertainer needs help with resume - September 2002

Dear Ms. Bubbette: August 2002 - August 2002

Dear Ms. Bubbette: July 2002 - July 2002

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Teenager needs auditions • When should an actor make the move to LA? • How to find extra work • Acting school frowns on outside acting work?! - Beware! • Can one have more than one agent per city? • Quelling the jitters and returning to acting - June 2002

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How should Headshots be composed? • 13 year old wants to get into acting • A letter from the Netherlands • Recommendations for children's agent in Austin • Dallas actor needs agent, classes and or acting coach - May 2002

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How to expand a young actor's horizon. - April 2002

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How to get started in acting in Austin? - March 2002

Dear Ms. Bubbette: What is the deal about "reels"? • How is marketing done in the movie industry? • How are actors selected & what happens from conception to filming? • How fickle is this business? • SAG eligibility from an Industrial? • Starcaster Network - is it for actors? • Classes in Austin. What is available? - February 2002

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Hair styling on movies - December 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Casting director workshops - to do or not • Allen Larson casts local teens • What value showcases/expos with LA 'scouts' - November 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How to encourage Casting to audition you? • Managers in Texas? • Where to go for demo reels • Dallas audition connections • If actor doesn't fit the "star mold" what then? - October 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Should young 8 year old go to LA? • Voice overs • How busy is the Austin market? - August 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How to find reputable agents • To take young son to LA or not • Headshots • Acting exercises for young actors - July 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Becoming a Serious actor • Allen Larson from Prodigy - May 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Finding monologues • Inexpensive Headshots - April 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Austinactors First Anniversary raves • Correction on SAG eligibility reply (Feb) - March 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How to become involved in theatre & film • Benefits of SAG & AFTRA • Resume resources, tapes and CD's • Biz Directory • Dan's audition e-mail hot line • More Hot lines - February 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Retouching Headshots - more • Local Headshot photographers - January 2001

Dear Ms. Bubbette: What is the role of an acting Manager? • What is a demo-reel - do we need it? • Value (or not) of workshops from out-of-State "casting directors" - December 2000

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Re "Miller Lite Commercial" during SAG strike - correcting erroneous statements • How to start in film acting • Acting classes • Are Headshots necessary? - October 2000

Dear Ms. Bubbette: John Borrowman President of SAG, Houston writes • Texas - a right-to-work-State • To SAG or not to SAG? - September 2000

Dear Ms. Bubbette: SAG Strike questions • "Producers pay health benefits - not SAG". Linda McAlister - Dallas Talent Agent - August 2000

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Any well-known actors not SAG? • What is Financial Core? • What happened to the movie "Just Sue Me?" • Is SAG eligibility through extra work possible??? • Improv. classes please • Are Non-union actors scabbing during strike? • Did many roles in "Miss Congeniality" go to LA actors? Texans? - July 2000

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How to get into the acting scene - "Does being an extra help?" • Does stage-work benefit an actor wanting film work?" - June 2000

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Stage actor wants to work in film - where to start? • The Cage. UT/RTF student film submissions - how to... - May 2000

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How to get the gig - tongue-in-cheek! • SAG rules re casting directors asking for your age • Writer's question - difference between an Outline and a Treatment - April 2000

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Welcome - March 2000

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