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Posting Calls/News:

Accepting: Cast Calls, Crew Calls, Location Calls, plus interesting News/Events.

Posting is still simple and non-techno. E-mail cast and crew calls to:
Contact Austin Actors:

The best and easiest way to contact Austin Actors is via e-mail. Send mail and all postings to

A few general notes about Cast & Crew Call posts:

Note: During the summer Cast & Crew call updates may take longer than normal.

Every effort is made to screen posts before they are added to this website. Please report any abuse.

If you are posting:
Your post and your information are never sold to a third party or used for any other purpose than to place your call on this site.

Postings may be edited for clarity or brevity.
Do not worry about formatting. Your post will be formatted for this website.

Be sure to include an expiration date for the post if the call-date is not specified. The post will auto-expire on the call-date if there is one. If the gig pays, be sure to mention it because actors can sort based on paid-status, and some go right for the green.

Please limit the amount of ALL-CAPS in general. It impedes readability for many people, and is just, well, too loud.

Posts will appear on the site within 24 hours generally, but can take up to 48 hours (longer during the summer). Please allow for this in your own scheduling.

If you are casting minors, expect parents to be on the set and allowed full access to your facilities and craft services.


Austin Actors is privately run, began eleven years ago as a volunteer effort and has turned into a routine. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you've valued the use of this resource, please consider supporting the ongoing project.

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