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BLEACHER BUMS - A Review - July 2000

Hello, I'm Jerry Delony. Of course, I became known by doing the UFO Guy in Rick Linklater's "Slacker" but Kirk Hunter and I have done numerous shows which have been shown all over the Access channels. It's hard to say which one I'm recognized for most. Before the Austin notiriety, I studied and taught acting and directing in New York City with Lee Strasberg, Stanford Meisner, Uta Hagen and others. I even took a master's class in play reviews from Atkins of the Times. While here in Austin I've done the lead in "Gaslight" at Mary Moody Northen summer stock and one of the leads in "Dark Rapture" at the Capitol City Playhouse. I owe a lot to the late producing director, Michel Jaroshy for believing in me. I just finished shooting a film called "Next Stop, Hollywood" written by Ivana and Marko Slavnik, a mother and son writing team from Bosnia. A few months ago, I played Professor Von Helsing in the staged version of Dracula presented as an old time radio show. It was loads of fun. Lately I've been working with Video Profiles helping with their showcase and bio tapings. Over the years so many people have asked me to teach that I am now seriously considering doing that. It just depends on having the right mix and atmosphere that will enable me to give something special that affects all areas of the performing arts. There are so many fine teachers here in Austin already but I feel there are some areas that need more attention and friends have told me there is always room for a unique voice in the wilderness. I believe to certainly be a broadcast platform for such needed individuality and uniqueness. I'll be seeing you.
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