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Dan Eggleston

Article Archives from 2000 - 2004

Articles by Dan Eggleston

Warning: Parental Advisory - July 2002

Jesus Has Left the Building - February 2002

G-Rated Porn - January 2002

A Slipping Down Life - will I ever see it? - April 2001

26 Tips for Movie Extras (i.e. Comfort Survival Pointers) by Jack Ortman and Dan Eggleston - February 2001

How I got to be an extra in Hope Floats - January 2001

Working for 8 days as an Extra on Miss Congeniality - December 2000

Internet Casting Lists for Texas Films - October 2000

Dan has been a teacher for over 30 years; he has also worked as a PBX operator, a library clerk, a UT Law School admissions officer, a sales clerk at a convenience store, an inventory clerk, and a telephone book delivery person. He has worked in several movies and started the Austin casting list summer of 2000 while working on "Miss Congeniality." He wrote his master's thesis on rock singer Shawn Phillips. He has read almost 5000 books. He runs 13 mailing lists, including casting lists for Austin, Dallas and Lubbock.

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