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Michele Deradune

Article Archives from 2000 - 2004

Articles by Michele Deradune

CLOSE SHOTS: The Hollywood Plastic Surgery Disease Playing into the Insecurities of Stars and No-Name Actors - November 2004

CLOSE SHOTS: Musings on the Wild World of Film and Actors Who Get the Parts - September 2004

CLOSE SHOTS Special Edition: An Interview with Austin Music Network's Louis Meyers - June 2004

CLOSE SHOTS: Anecdotes and Misadventures at Auditions - June 2004

CLOSE SHOTS: Can Forgiveness Be Entertaining? - March 2004

CLOSE SHOTS: Acting and Culture: What's Responsibility Got to Do With It? - January 2004

CLOSE SHOTS: Interview with "Secondhand Lions" Casting Director Ed Johnston - November 2003

CLOSE SHOTS: For the Love of Film - August 2003

CLOSE SHOTS: Dazed and Confused at the 10th Anniversary Reunion - June 2003

CLOSE SHOTS: A Russian Accents is Fun to Do! - May 2003

CLOSE SHOTS: The Glories of Mature Men and Women in Film - February 2003

Close Shots: If I Could Lay Eggs - January 2003

Close Shots: Interview with Gary Chason - November 2002

Close Shots: September 2002 - September 2002

Close Shots: Mona Lee on the Muse, "Method Acting," Unions and Why We Choose to Act - August 2002

Close Shots: Getting and Staying Healthy in the 21st Century - July 2002

Close Shots: Quotes, Proverbs and One-Liners - May 2002

Close Shots: LA Style Acting in Texas - April 2002

Close Shots: Introducing the Austin Film Commission - March 2002

Close Shots: "Women in TV and Film Show American Bondage to Stereotypes" - February 2002

Close Shots: Acting as Therapeutic - January 2002

Close Shots - December 2001

Close Shots - November 2001

Close Shots - October 2001


Movie Starring Austin Actors Wins "Best Independent Film Comedy" Award - July 2001

Michele Deradune has been an active member of the team as an editor since the group first formed.

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