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Brad Koester

Welcome to
by Brad Koester

March 2000

Hey, what can I say? A bunch of Austin actors came through, and made for a killer March 1 release of! I won't babble too long here because I've spewed enough stuff with introductory e-mails and such.

Very briefly I want to express a huge thanks to all of you who had a helping hand in this debut release. We're on to something big, and we're just plain having fun. That's what it's all about. Twenty of you showed up for the first meeting in February. We are going to meet and party every month come hell or high water. All of you out there who could not attend the first one, you're welcome to attend any future meetings. We are not a very rigid group. Some people will come, and some people will go. That's a good thing.

The only organization I intend to enforce is that we ensure and manage the distribution and flow of information so that the burden on any one person is not unbearable. We all have our own full-time commitments, so the only way this co-op organization can work is if we team up and split the load. Beyond that, this site should be a medium of uncensored free-expression with no real serious guidelines other than we strive to help each other or entertain each other.

We spend much of our time looking for the major gig. In the meantime, why don't we have fun entertaining and helping each other. That's the spirit of this website. If you have something helpful to share, cool. If you have something funny to relate, that's cool too. Fun. Let's have fun.

So I want to express a heartfelt thanks to the writers for March 1. You made this March 1 relaese a huge success! On the editorial side, I wish to express special thanks to Michele Deradune and Sharon Cave for their commitment to this project. Writers will like to know that we only edit for punctuation, sentence structure and readability, but not content. Censorship is a big no-no in my mind, but adhering to the sprit of this project is paramount. We must not lose our focus or succumb to outside interests. To this end, we have the big ol' disclaimer that ideas and opinions are that of the writer. Aw, who cares anyway. Remember, we're doing this to be in community with each other.

For those of you wondering what and who we are, please visit the FAQ page.

If you want to hear what your fellow actors have to share, check out the Features page.

If you're wondering what kind of guidelines we have for submissions, check out Submission Guidelines.

For those of you who would like to jump on board and do something for next month, check out the Team page. Remember, your commitment can be as little as one story, and it can be as ongoing as you wish. It's totally cool either way.

Take care, and best of luck to you!

Best Regards,


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