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Step Rowe

by Step Rowe

March 2000

This section will be updated twice a month to bring information to those of us who may be feeling (for lack of a better word) "desperate"! Let’s say that it just happens to be an "off" month. At this point, you’d be willing to drive 3 hours to audition for some film to work for free JUST SO YOU COULD BE DOING SOMETHING. Here's where you can look after you've explored every other option.

This section may contain a success story about an extra who got upgraded, or a free project that later paid, or a community service project that made an actor feel good. In other words, if you find yourself a little frustrated by the workings of this business, come here to be uplifted, find an opportunity, or laugh at the stories of those who've stooped even lower than you may have to be a part of showbiz!

Please send your stories to:

- Step Rowe

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