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Hankster and Gibby Entertain Hank Hill's Crew on ACAC
by Kirk-O-Matic

April 2000

NOTE TO THE READER: You should HEAR these conversations. They are WAAAY more funny to listen to than to read on paper. Trust me! We should really record these things for later shows.)

(Editor’s note: Hankster and "Hank" in the dialogue below refers to Hank Sinatra, a friend of Kirk-O, not to be confused with Mike Judge’s Hank Hill, who appears later in the story)

Hankstir called me the other day and it went like this:

Hank: Hey! You coming down?

Kirk: For what?

Hank: To meet Hank.

Kirk: What? You're down there?

Hank: No, I am working right now.

Kirk: Right now? You're down there now.

Hank: Hank is coming down to ACTV.

Kirk: Why would I want to come down to see you?

Hank: You wouldn't, but it ain't me. Did you read the bulletin board?

Kirk: No. Are you on the boards? Trying to scam another production?

Hank: NO! The HANK HILL guy is coming down to ACTV.

Kirk:  Oh. THAT Hank? You mean Mike Judge.

Hank: Yeah. They are having a Hank Hill day down here!

Kirk: Hank! I did a Hank Hill day last year when they had the lawn mowers. On Town Lake.Why do I want to see this again?

Hank: 'Cause.

Kirk: 'Cause why?

Hank: 'Cause you'll meet Mike Judge.

Kirk: I've met Mike Judge. Everybody has met him. He does live here, you know.

Hank: So what?

Kirk: Hey, I even tried even to get in on his latest film, "Stewart." They haven't called me back, so...

Hank: Well, I just thought you might want to schmmoooze again.

Kirk: That's okay, I'll pass. I'm working on something else.

Hank: You should come down here at least to give them your demos.

Kirk: Oh, I don't know... Everyone has seen my demo. It plays all over the channels.

Hank: Yeah, but they didn't watch maybe.

Kirk: I guess I should, but I don't know what good it'll do.

Hank: You-never-know.

Kirk: I guess.

Hank: They are going to bring all those writers from the show.

Kirk: Oh really! You did not say that. You going to give them your music tapes?

Hank: No, they don't do that, but I thought they should met the REAL Hank!

Kirk: Oh, Hank, you are something. Oh, you know WE should do show.Yeah like the oldtimes. Like the "Firebox."

Hank: Yeah, we should.

Kirk: Yeah. How we going to get all those people together in two days?

Hank: Firebox? Shuuurrrre.

Kirk: Hey, Hank. Is the studio available?

Hank: I don' know, I'll check it.

Kirk: Hey, get the studio and we'll do a show.

Hank: Yeah, okay, what are we going to do?

Kirk: Oh, we'll do a show like the "Firebox." I'll bring my llama head. (I have a fake llama head for my movie "Barn.")

Hank: I'll get a musician and I'll bring a chicken.

Kirk: Hey, I got an Idea. We'll do a Farm Report from the Outback, with Gibby and Hank.

Do you think they will get a kick out that?

Hank: Yeah. (laughs hard) Anything we show, it'll be funny. We'll be famous. We'll do it.

Kirk: So we'll get the studio about an hour before and stay after they are scheduled to bethere.

Hank: Okay.

Kirk: I'll bring the llama and the model of the shack from "Barn" and we'll do a Farm Reportand we'll call it a "Real Rural World Farm Report" with Hank and Gibby!!

Kirk: Yeah... That will be crazy... It will be like "Firebox" with a our own private, audition forthe writers of "King of the Hill." It'll be great!!

Hank: Yeah. (laughs) Yeah...

So we show up at ACTV and start doing the setup. I got my friend Bruce to switch the show. I did not tell him that the Mike Judge crew was coming to watch. Bruce is a screenwriter and I did not tell him 'cause then there would be some expectations. Hank showed up with his chicken (Andy Warhol). The chicken has a white head. He also brought his lighting crew, Travis, and the Gurgeenman musicians. It was a blast. I overheard from the ACTV green room that someone in the Hank Hill writing crew said, "Hey, they have a llama in there, and they leave the studio door open when they shoot."

So we did the show and they had fun and I had a blast.

So the "Real Rural World Farm Report" is on the air, a little cut and crazy, If you see me in the Gibby Go outfit now you'll know the folks behind such craziness. Watch for it on Channels 10 and 16, late night. I don't know if it will do any good toward getting any future gigs or if they got any good writing material out of it. At least I got to meet Mike judge and hand him a copy of my demo. And you never know. (You had to be there, but at least it is on TV Cable 10.)

"Barn" refers "Barn of the Blood Llama," a movie I produced and co-authored with Kevin West a couple or five years ago. Austin Community Access Cable TV (ACAC) is referred to as ACTV.

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