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Dana Morris Meeting/Party, May 23, 2000
by Dana Morris

June 2000

May 23, 2000 - Meeting Minutes What a great turnout we had this meeting! Thanks to all involved! (And to Helen for those great sandwiches!) After our usual round of introductions and announcements, we had a long discussion about future web site additions. We all agreed that we want to see more content to the website — so don’t be afraid to write a feature column! Anyone can! All we ask is that your feature is entertaining or informative to fellow actors. For this you earn a personal plug!

We also discussed the future "Anonymous" submissions section we plan to add. Says Brad Koester (Dr. Brad to you), "The ramifications of anonymous web submissions to journalistic accountability should not be overlooked. During the meeting I believe we engaged in healthy dialogue that supports a thoughtful approach to this issue. Two members, Fred Ballard and Luis Olmeda, agreed to look into liability issues for us so that we can establish due diligence if any of us are faced with libel. We also discussed the formation of an editorial board to make tough decisions where necessary. We realize that not all anonymous items are worthy of publication if they merely represent cowardly attacks on a particular individual by someone who has chosen to remain anonymous." We want to create an anonymous page based on integrity and honor, that educates and advises our fellow actors, and is not simply a complaint forum. We want to post positive experiences as well as warn people of potential problem areas in our field.

After that discussion, it was time to celebrate our achievements! One of the great things about Austin Actors Network is that you get to bring your work to screen in front of your peers! We screened Luis’ film, which was a big highlight of the night, and we also watched Step Rowe’s commercial! So come to the meeting, and bring your stuff!

We also decided we wanted to list our meeting attendance on the web. You can see all of the talented people involved in our network, and you might see some names you recognize! So don’t be shy — come see what we are all about at the next meeting!


List of attendees:

Brad Koester

Roger Kunshick

Lynn Kenyon

Marla Benning

Jeremy Denzlinger

Ray Prewitt

Dana Morris

Donise Hardy — Casting Works, LA

Fred Ballard

Monica Henderson

Theresa Burke

Pato Hoffmann

David Dacy

Helen Griffiths

Luis Olmeda

Rosario Olmeda

Step Rowe

Trant Batley

Nick DiCrenzo

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