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Dana Morris Meeting/Party, July 19, 2000
by Dana Morris

August 2000

Meeting Minutes from 7-19-00

Well folks, we had another successful meeting on the 19th! Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to the discussion. We had a few new faces among our familiar ones - it's nice to see fresh meat turn up! There is a complete (unless you didn’t sign the sign-in sheet) list at the bottom of this page. See who you know, and don't feel shy about attending the next meeting even if you don't know a soul. We are very nice to strangers and don't bite until the third date.

We threw around some ideas about actually taping the meetings, and letting the world know what we are up to. Jerry Delony (UFO Conspiracy Guy from the movie "Slacker") brought up the idea of a round table gathering: bringing people in the performing and literary arts community together for discussion, presentation, and collaboration on a regular basis and sharing that information with other cities; New York, California, Chicago, Nashville, etc.

We also weighed the pro's and con's of turning our group into a non-profit organization. Will we be able to keep the our mission true if we are sponsored or run by someone else? Would we be able to accomplish more? Do we even want to take that responsibility on?

Some of us got VERY excited about the idea of getting our name out in other ways, namely bumper stickers and/or business cards. Wouldn' t that be great to see our name on the backs of cars all over Austin? And how many of us have written down our web address for people on the back of napkins, etc., when we could just hand out a card with the group's name and web address on it?

Again we talked about how the web site was doing - have you all noticed the newest changes? More changes are soon to follow - let us know how you feel about it!

Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to see more shiny happy people at our next meeting. The more people come, the more YOU get out of it by sharing information and making new contacts, as well as having a great time and getting acknowledgement for your acheivements!

See you next month!


Meeting Attendees in July:

Brad Koester

Step Rowe

Nick DiCenzo

Mara Benning

Helen Griffiths

Dan Eggleston

K. Foofe

Diana Dorman

Sue Bilich

Steve Curran

Karen Zarazinkski

Joe Mata

Donna Skelsey

Dana Morris

Myrna Cabello

Jerry Delony

Jeremy Denzlinger

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