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Step Rowe

Going for the Gold!
by Step Rowe

October 2000

Does anyone else see the correlation between Olympic sports and the quest to become a film actor? I didn't get the chance to watch as much of the Olympic games as I would have liked, but even the late night coverage provided me with inspiration. I watched those top athletes and wondered, "What did they give up? What strict diet did they adhere to? What emotional roller coaster did they ride while winning and losing big? What is it like to touch so many people with their performances? What happens to them after their short time in the sun is over? How much stress has been put on their families while they "selfishly" concentrate only on their goals?" Each of these challenges are what we face as serious actors.

Wow. It's fascinating, isn't it? When the Olympics are on TV I always get a new burst of adrenalin toward my own goals. I used to think that it was because I wanted to be an Olympic athlete. (I started gymnastics at an early age and dreamed of being Nadia.) Now I realize that it is because I respect the difficult task these athletes face. I can't remember how many times I have cried for joy when the athlete whose biography was just aired won the Gold. No matter what country they are from, the story of what they had to go through to get to the Olympics makes our hearts melt for them. I think it is time that we all compare ourselves to athletes and consider our careers as important. If we do, Texas talent will gain the respect it deserves when all of the big movies come to town!

If only we (as actors) could have an entire country rooting for us to win the audition! I think that at my next audition I will picture the Olympic stadium and thousands of people waving their American flags and cheering me on to achieve my objective.

Watch out!

- Step

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