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Dana Morris

Minutes from the October Actor's Meeting/Party
by Dana Morris

November 2000

Hi everyone! October’s meeting was a great success! We didn't break the fire code this time, but that is one of our goals every month (being the rebels that we are) so please bring as many people as you can to our meetings!! It's a great place to network with other actors, casting directors, writers, producers and directors. We've had several people who have met others here and have begun projects, talked about new ideas, and have even been cast in films because of the contacts they make here.

We talked about several issues at this meeting, including our mission. We decided that we don't want to complicate things by putting ideas, goals or mission statements down in stone. We've been incredibly successful just by hanging out together and letting ideas blossom as they come. So we aren't going to fix what ain't broke. Let's keep our meetings as they are - a chance to party once a month!

After the usual fun and games, we watched a screening of "Thicker than Water", a short brought by one of our actors, Donna Skelsey. Remember; bring your stuff so we can watch it! This meeting is a place to toot your own horn, try new material and get other people's opinions of it. Writers, bring your material, and we'll read it. Actors, bring your reel and we'll watch it! We are here to support each other. That's one of the reasons we have these meetings.

We also had some new attendee's - one especially who made all the adults feel like slackers. His name was Wesley and he was eight years old. We're going to be seeing more of that kid! He has his own web site, he's done more work than a lot of adults, and he probably sings, dances and juggles too! Woo! Exhausting!

Check out the list of attendee's at the bottom of this page! Maybe you'll recognize some names. If you've wanted to come to the meetings but were afraid you wouldn't know anyone, you might see someone listed. If not, don't be afraid to show up anyway - we'd love to see you! See you in November!


October Attendees

Trant Batley

Donise Hardy

Christopher Lee

Clay Griffis

Step Rowe

Dana Morris

Paul Theron

Helen Griffiths

Nika White

José Mata

Marina Seitsinger

Jim (Nur) Alexander

Terri Bennett

Ken Johnson

Donna Skelsey

Laura Heuston

Jeremy Denzlinger

Nick DiCenzo


Brad Koester

Plus about a half-dozen that didn't sign in.

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