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Ken Farmer

Mastering the Techniques of Acting
by Ken Farmer

November 2000

  • The actor must learn that the single most important ingredient in acting is  PASSION !
  • He must always focus on the STORY and not the dialogue.
  • He must be trained in habitualizing responses of his character so that they become automatic and instinctive reaction patterns; called "grooving the channels of the mind" or learning to direct each   thought into its proper expressional activity for  purposes of outpicturing.
  • The actor must train his memory to absorb observed  experience, record it, and recall it when needed for a character's  BACK STORY.
  • He must constantly practice and develop his powers of Imagination, Creativity and Concentration (Focus).
  • He needs the ability to Visualize with Power  (VP) the  character he creates; he must see the character before he can be the character,
  • He must learn how to create an original and unique character in his BACK STORY out of all the factors of his experience in observing character types and sometimes creating characters out of "whole cloth".
  • He must acquire, through practice, the ability to  Create, be  the Creation and Observe his creation at the same time. The Actor's Trinity.
  • He must learn how to absorb the character he has created and inject it smoothly into his understanding of the STORY,
  • He must study, with a vengeance, the Emotions, for  they are  the  very  colors he must use to "paint"  (tell) his story,
  • He must never memorize  his dialogue, but rather learn it as he learns the story.
  • He must see what he says in telling the story.
  • He must perfect the art of Listening and to allow his character to be changed by  the other characters.
  • He should never listen to the words; but listen to the person.
  • He must realize that the more he learns the more he needs to learn.
  • The actor must be completely self disciplined and self controlled at all times,
  • He must never allow his own personality and personal memories to get between himself and his character.

COPYRIGHT 1999/2000 by Ken Farmer - From "ACTING IS STORYTELLING" by KEN FARMER, Chap. 10

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