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Dear Ms. Bubbette: Austinactors First Anniversary raves • Correction on SAG eligibility reply (Feb)
by Ms. Bubbette

March 2001

Hello Ms. Bubbette,

I'm just writing to say that it was great to finally meet you at the meeting last night. I met up with old people I'd have probably seen later than sooner (such as Kary) if I didn't go, and also got to meet a lot of great new people who are dedicated to the business of acting and loving it :)

The meeting by chance was your one year anniversary since had started, and it's been 8 months since I've started. Now I've gotten an agent, done (and am doing) tons of extra work, and gotten a few parts :) Taking acting classes was one of the best kicks in the butt I've got to set me in the right direction...with Mona and Marco and various others, and the meeting last night (with one of the coolest home theatre setups I've ever seen) was definitely a very nice mellow environment with no strict agenda.

I'm writing this to encourage the "silent majority" out there to come meet up at these monthly meetings. The sandwich cuts were superb, and it would be great to really see the strength in numbers come into play. Let's maximize Austin, and the benefits of the!!!
-Akie Kotabe

Dear Akie,

You are too kind! It was a real pleasure meeting you too. Ms. Bubbette is delighted you took her advice and ended up being trained by Austin's finest teachers/actors. Getting an agent was also a smart move. This gives you credibility in the fickle world of acting!

If only all would-be-actors followed your example and realized that there are no short-cuts in this business. We must have headshots, resumés, acting tuition and experience in the field even if it means doing extra work and unpaid independent movies to begin with. Then, when you least expect it, up pops that paid speaking role you've been working towards, and you're on your way. You've paid your dues...

As to the austinactors' monthly meetings - aren't they a blast! And you never know who you're going to be rubbing shoulders with. Last night for example; one CSA casting director, independent film directors, acting teachers, new and established actors, aspiring screenwriters and the list goes on.
We have the privilege of viewing actors' latest victories or independent directors new movies. All in the comfort of that "Coolest home theatre" you experienced, Akie.

Over 18,000 people have visited the site since it's conception, one year ago, by founder/actor Brad Koester. Maybe 120 of those have turned up, one time or another, at the get-togethers!! Remember it's one of the few things in life that is free! Anyone in the business is welcome.

Break a leg, Akei. We'll see you on the big screen.

Ms. Bubbette.

Ms. Bubbette,

Would you take a moment and offer a correction to your response to "Newie" regarding the details of eligibility to SAG membership? Your statement that "SAG membership has to be earned by landing speaking or featured roles in a union feature movie, or a national commercial" is inaccurate. SAG eligibility is earned by working at least one time, as a Principal, under a SAG contract. The technical definition of Principal can vary, depending on the type of work. In a film, a Principal has lines. In a commercial, not necessarily. In an industrial, sometimes Yes sometimes No. The rule of thumb is that if you've worked under a contract as a Principal, you'd know it by the way you're treated and the way you're paid. Eligibility can be earned under a Low Budget Contract, or on a big budget project. Likewise, eligibility can be earned on national, regional or local commercials. Mona's Biz Directory has the information correct on page 372. Also, "Texas is a non-union state" is a non sequitor. States are not union or non-union. There are states where the union security provisions of labor contracts are enforced and states where these provisions cannot be enforced. The latter are commonly known as "right-to-work" states. You are correct that, in Texas, performers do not have to be members of SAG to be able to work under SAG contracts. The other side of that coin, however, is that whenever a union film comes to Texas, SAG is required to put its full weight behind protecting, collecting residuals for, and, if necessary, having its attorneys pursue litigation on behalf of performers who haven't paid a cent in support of the organization. This doesn't sound to me like the sort of fair play that Texans pride themselves on.

John Borrowman

Dear John,

Ms. Bubbette stands corrected. Sometimes when she tries to simplify an intricate question's reply, it doesn't always come out the right way. Union stuff can be pretty complicated. All the more reason for all actors out there to splurge on Mona's Biz Directory. Ms. Bubbette calls it the "Third essential tool" in an actors' arsenal, the first two being, of course, the headshot and the resume.

Ms. Bubbette

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