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Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Hair styling on movies
by Ms. Bubbette

December 2001

Dear Ms Bubbette,

I am a hairstylist in San Antonio TX, and don't mind traveling. How would I get my name out in the film society so I can start doing hair for films? Whom should I contact?

I have done 2 indie shorts and would like to do a full length feature. Will you please guide me on how to do this? I have resumes ready to send but don't know who to send them to.

thank you for your help.

Dear Phillip,

I'm sorry, I only answer questions through this column - not through personal e-mail. But I have included your e-mail address in case someone out there reads this, who has worked hair in feature movies and can contact you personally on what steps to take. Any takers? We'd also appreciate your answer in this column for other aspiring hair/make-up artists.

My own thoughts on this would be to contact the Texas Film Commission in Austin by calling (512) 463-9200 and asking for Tom Copeland - Director, or Carol Pirie, Asst. Dir. They should be able to steer you in the right direction. They produce a Texas Production Manual which lists over 1,000 film professionals in TX. You might want to get yourself listed in that. E-MAIL:: WEBSITE:

Or you could invest in Mona Lee's Biz Directory (512) 323-2090 and personally contact hair/make-up artists in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston - they are listed under these cities in this comprehensive manual.

Good luck, Phillip.

Ms. Bubbette

and from Ms. Bubbette to everyone connected with the crazy acting world:

Ms. Bubbette would like to thank everyone who has used this column in the past year, to help solve their acting questions. She hopes her answers guided you all on the right path and that great success has been the outcome. Happy and safe Holidays to you all - keep warm - keep well - and keep those questions coming in the New Year. Break a leg, y'all.

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