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Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette: How to get started in acting in Austin?
by Ms. Bubbette

March 2002

Dear Ms.Bubbete,

I would like to know how to get started acting in Austin as I have no acting experience.

Dear No Name,

I addressed this very question just last month (February) and so forgive me if I just reprint it here for you. If you have a question about this industry try first looking into my archives - see home page - to save you time especially, as this column only comes out once a month. Mind you, this question of yours on classes bears repeating, as new would-be actors immerge on the scene daily, especially because of the busy film industry in Austin.

You didn't say whether it was film or theatre you were interested in - both I hope - and so you will find teachers here to cover both mediums.

"You are certainly on the right track, asking for acting classes. I will list the teachers I respect enormously - the ones I think are the absolute best in Austin, in my experience.

Mona Lee, 323-2090 e-mail Her on-going classes cover every aspect of the business.
Michael Costello, 260-3323 e-mail "The Physical Actor workshop"
Marco Perella, 869-0623 e-mail Film & Commercial acting
C.K. McFarland, 441-3738, Character acting
Van Brooks , 657-3202, e-mail Creativity & self-expression
Gabe Folse, 794-1067, Film acting and private coaching.
Ann Ciccolella,  374-0532, e-mail Musical theatre, individual coaching
Also Zachary Scott Theatre, State Theatre & Dougherty Arts Center offer many classes.

And Stanley Zareff comes in from New York once a year at least, to teach incredible improv. classes. Call Sue Bilich, 452-4049 to book this.

Most teachers video-tape their classes for you to have your personal copy. Classes are kept small and are usually several weeks in duration. All the teachers listed are professional actors and have impressive lists of principal roles in major movies, stage shows."

Later, once you have a little experience under your belt, then I suggest you look into being represented by a talent agent. Your teachers will help you with this step.

Best of luck,

Ms. Bubbette.

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