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Dear Ms. Bubbette: How to expand a young actor's horizon.
by Ms. Bubbette

April 2002


My name is Lyndsy Tracey and I am a seventeen year old actress in the Houston area. I have been in "training" for almost a year now and I would like to start auditioning and looking for work. I do have an agent in Houston now but I would like to expand eventually into Austin because the industry is really slow here in Houston for a seventeen year old girl. I attend privates with my coach Connie Cooper and have also worked with Stanley Zareff. I don't have much on my resume yet because I have only been in four plays for summer theatre. I like film more than theatre but I know I have to do both and I am prepared for that. I'm sure you really don't care what I like and dislike but if you could please answer what I should do to expand my horizons!

Thank You,

Dear Lyndsy,

It sounds like you are doing all the right things. But right now the movie industry is very slow all over so it is affecting all of us.

Let me stress that training classes for actors is non-ending. It's a continual process and as you branch out with other teachers, so too will your expertise as an actor. You've had the finest with Stanley Zareff for improv. work. I suggest you contact the Gary Chason Talent Workshop in Houston for film and TV acting plus guest seminars. Your Houston agent should be able to point you towards other fine teachers in Houston. In your summer vacation you might consider driving to Austin or Dallas for further classes. Actors do that all the time especially for Casting Directors Seminars.
Another suggestion is to get yourself an Austin agent and become 'local hire' for the Austin area. That means you are considered as a local person and will not receive travelling/hotel expenses. You can do this in Dallas too. Many actors have agents in different cities. It is a free service (except for the headshots you'll have to send them for their files - and their commission when they get you paying work).

An absolute must in my book, for any serious actor is the "actors' bible" Mona Lee's BIZ DIRECTORY. This should be on every actor's shelf. Inside there are hundreds of pages of resources for the actor in the Texas area - and even beyond. You will get a set of two books for $50 which includes tax. The second book contains interviews with casting directors and agents. I suggest you check this out on the internet and arm yourself with the most up-to-date information any actor could desire.

I wish you the very best in your acting career, Lyndsy. Let us know how you get on.

Ms. Bubbette.

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