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Ron Tatar

Acting On Inspiration
by Ron Tatar

May 2002

Good words are something actors love. I have always liked finding quotes, thoughts and sayings and sharing them with people I thought might enjoy them. Each month I will share some words that have inspired me, given me understanding and helped me keep things in perspective when times were rocky.

"Every man is a damned fool for at least five minutes every day.
Wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit."
---Elbert Hubbard

"Hollywood's a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss, and fifty cents for your soul."
---Marilyn Monroe

"I didn't need a house then, or a pasture. Somewhere there would be a cave, a crack in the rocks, where I could hole up during the rain. I wanted the plants and the stones to tell me their secrets. I talked to them. I roamed. I was like a part of the earth. Everything had been taken from me except myself. Now and then, in some place or other, I looked at my face in a mirror to remind myself who I was."
---John (Fire) Lame Deer

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