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Ron Tatar

Acting on Inspiration
by Ron Tatar

January 2003

Good words are something actors love. I have always liked finding quotes, thoughts and sayings and sharing them with people I thought might enjoy them. Each month I will share some words that have inspired me, given me understanding and helped me keep things in perspective when times were rocky.

"What I am slowly learning to do in my work with music is revive some of the resilience of the exploring and learning baby. I have to accept at each moment, as a fact of life, my present skill or lack of skill, and do the best I can, without blaming myself for not being able to do better. I have to be aware of my mistakes and shortcomings without being ashamed of them. I have to keep in view the distant goal, without worrying about how far away it is or reproaching myself for not being already there. This is very hard for most adults. It is the main reason why we old dogs so often do find it so hard to learn new tricks, whether sports or languages or crafts or music. But if as we work on this weakness in ourselves, we can slowly get better at both."
---John Holt

"The important thing in acting is to be able to laugh and cry. If I have to cry, I think of my sex life. If I have to laugh, I think of my sex life."
---Glenda Jackson

How sweet
That parting is naught
But the opening of a door
And closing it!
Thy soul and mine
Know not the mask
Called parting.
Farewell is a jest,
A wasted word.
Yesterday is now,
Today is now,
And tomorrow too
Is now.
Think, my Beloved
Need we then fear
What we already know?
---Patience Worth

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