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Mamie Meek

The Best Is Yet To Come!
by Mamie Meek

February 2003

The new year brings new challenges and new opportunities. In the theater and film industry, we have a tradition that says, "The best is yet to come!" Here's the "Big Question:" How well do we maintain the positive attitude expressed in that wise old theatrical proverb?

I'm somewhat realistic; and I know from personal experience that the wounded feelings of rejection are not uncommon for those of us in this amazing profession. (Such a conflict of love and hate!) I know that actors - by the very nature of our work - tend to be extremely sensitive to mood, atmosphere, weather, body language, and the physical or verbal expressions of feelings.

Having said that, I thought it might be useful to share the affirmations and visualization process I use just about daily in the hard work of staying positive. It goes like this: through visualization, we program what we want into our subconscious - a process that can be compared to a pilot training in a simulator. Affirmations are powerful words that trigger pictures and images to bring about the right emotion and feeling. Imagery triggered by our personal affirmation must be experiential - as though it is happening now. Vagueness has no place in this process. Success depends upon the spirit: there must be strong meaning and intent behind the words we use. Try this:

  1. Properly write out your goals - so that when you imprint and visualize these goals you will make the changes you want in your belief system. This will be a controlled change, under your own direction. Imagery is nothing new. Something happens inside when we look forward to goals, visualize them vividly, and move toward them with anticipation, with constructive energy. We become discontent with the present moment and want to possess the new. We are working from the inside out - where all meaningful change begins. Without commitment to visualization and imprinting, we let ourselves down again and again.

  2. Imprint the end result. Think of the airplane training simulator again. Our imagination is our personal simulator. The pilot, through his simulator, can rehearse, over and over and over, so that the goal becomes his present reality. We program what we want into our subconscious far in advance. Like the pilot, we make deliberate preparation for a predetermined outcome. We lean toward what we visualize. We become what we think about.

  3. Affirmations are words that trigger pictures or images that bring about the right emotion or feeling. This affirmation, this visualization, this experiential imagery of the change we want must be written properly. If not written properly - (1) in the present tense, (2) using vivid, graphic words - it won't trigger the kind of imagery that will change our perception of reality. Remember: the imagery triggered by our affirmations must be written so that the words truly draw out personal emotion and feeling.

  4. Remember our quotation: I x V = R. "I," or Imagination, times "V," or Vividness, equals a new "R" - Reality on the subconscious level. We want it so that our subconscious believes the experience is happening right now. It is over. It is done. You are It. Now. Did you know that, over the years, you've been telling yourself whether you're shy or outgoing; whether you're a warm person or a cold one; whether you're fast or slow, etc.?

Whether it's good, bad or indifferent, we have a picture of ourselves . . . a self-image. Once we get this picture of ourselves, it's very hard to grow unless we change it. Of course, we can temporarily override the "automatic pilot" of our subconscious picture; but only with great strain and effort. Through imagery, through writing the right
affirmations, through visualizing and imprinting on a daily basis - we alter this subconscious picture to our profound advantage.

Until we alter our picture, we will always return to our dominant picture. Change the picture and our new reality becomes automatic, effortless, natural and free-flowing. By changing our picture of ourselves, we become ready for the new work, new choices, confident with a higher income; ready to attack life and move ahead.

Yep, the road to mediocrity is paved with good intentions. So, if we use words in our self-talk, in our affirmations, that are flat and unconvincing, they are worthless. It's the spirit behind the word that gives intent and power and meaning that will make the difference. It takes real, deliberate, spiritual intent behind the word to affect our belief system.

It's not about the other person seeing what we want them to see in us. It is our spirit, our power, our belief behind our goal that will imprint our lives and change our reality.

Have a great 2003!

Mamie Meek

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