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Ron Tatar

Acting On Inspiration
by Ron Tatar

January 2004

Good words are something actors love. I have always liked finding quotes, thoughts and sayings and sharing them with people I thought might enjoy them. Each month I will share some words that have inspired me, given me understanding and helped me keep things in perspective when times were rocky.

"When inspired by a grand purpose, a wonderful project, your thoughts shatter their bonds; your mind travels beyond limitations; your consciousness extends in all directions; and you discover a new and amazing world. Hidden forces, talents and faculties spring to life and you find yourself to be far greater than you ever dreamed you could be."

I'll walk, but not in old heroic traces, And not in paths of high morality,
And not among the half-distinguished faces, The clouded forms of long-past history.
I'll walk where my own nature would be leading,
It vexes me to choose another guide,
Where the grey flocks in ferny glens are feeding,
Where the wild wind blows on the mountain-side.
---Emily Bronte

"Excellence flows from many sources---a freedom of spirit that is open to both the old and the new, an attention to detail that shows respect for the often subtle and complex nature of the world, a willingness to learn and try again, a deep unease with things that are not right or which don't make sense, a capacity for introspection that leads to intellectual honesty with oneself and the world. Perhaps most important, true excellence is never tainted by incivility or arrogance toward others."
---Russell Hulse Nobel Prize winner in physics

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