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Dan Murphy

Total Man Package: World's Fastest Reader Meets World's Greatest Columnist
by Dan Murphy

June 2004

I'm a Major Player now, hobnobbing this time with HOWARD STEPHEN BERG: The World's Fastest Reader. Berg's claims are backed by THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS and numerous National TV appearances. My claims of Being The World's Greatest Columnist are backed up by - Me. My type of shameless self-promotion is called puffery and in many cases (hopefully, this one) is legal to use. I don't have to have the documentation to prove I'm right because puffery is a matter of opinion.

I bought Howard's Maximum Speed Reading Program and sent him an email message. (His email address was included with his program.) I ended my message with:

Dan Murphy
Top Notch Ebayer/POWER SELLER
Ebay User Id: fastservicefastship

To my surprise, HOWARD STEPHEN BERG emailed me back within 12 hours with his phone number to give him a call. So, I called him back and was surprised again when he answered the phone himself. I spent about 30-45 minutes talking to him on the phone about his TV appearances and Ebay.

I learned some interesting things. I remembered seeing Howard on the HOWARD STERN SHOW years ago and asked him about it. HOWARD BERG said it was the worst experience he had ever had on a show. (He found STERN's behavior toward him off-air as inappropriate.)

BERG also mentioned being one of JOHN STEWART's first guests on his old MTV show. Stewart's people put pressure on him to perform well. One of the reasons for the pressure may have been that the JOHN STEWART SHOW had to buy its airtime from MTV. Then Stewart's show had to sell ads themselves to cover the costs.

I figured it was the opposite. I thought MTV just paid the John Stewart Show and sold ads to cover their costs and make a profit. I wonder if any shows are still done this way besides infomercials? If so, this means there's still hope for THE TMP SHOW if I can raise the capital. Please send donations and checks made payable to: Dan Murphy POB 49423 Austin, TX 78765. I also accept cash donations.

Howard's also done the REGIS & KATHY LEE SHOW, but it wasn't easy getting that gig. He sent them numerous letters but never got a response from the producer (Gelman). Then he changed his marketing approach. He sent the show a letter that stated something like this: "In the time it took you to read this, I could have read WAR & PEACE....." I'm paraphrasing. This isn't an exact quote. I added the War & Peace thing. This got their attention and Howard was on.

HOWARD BERG and I really had a great rapport on the phone. He invited me to a seminar in which he was participating in Houston, but I was unable to attend. I even had a serendipitous event with Howard. He mentioned that he had Production Studios in his home for producing programs like his and told me to contact him if I ever come up with a program of my own. Well, I'm currently working on my own audio program and just got through telling some friends and family members about it a few days before I called Howard.

As for me buying Howard's items for resale on Ebay, long story short we weren't able to come to agreement on a price that would be a win-win for both of us.

Using Howard's Maximum Speed Reading Program, I went from reading 300 to 550 words per minute within a couple of hours. His program even covers how to increase your memory and recall. Howard explains it best on his website,

That's it for now! Next month I'll be talking about guarding at least a quarter of a million dollars worth of Celebrity Auction Items for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Take care!
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