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The First Decade is Always Free :-)

Austin Actors is still an open site, but now you see ads. The first decade was a blast. Let's go for round two. I've had fun doing this as a labor of love since 2000, and want to kick it up a notch.

Your donation will keep this site growing and adapting to the new e-environment. From smartphones to pads and tablets, ipods and iphones and facebook, it is true that technology changes, but I live for the challenge.

If you've derived benefit from this website and continue to do so, please consider donating periodically to support the endeavor. If enough donations come in I'll cut back on the ads.

Your donation is not tax deductible for charitable reasons because Austin Actors is not a non-profit, but even if it was would it matter that much? Consult your tax pro for any other tax implications.

Thank you very much for your support!
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By supporting this site you are supporting the arts in Austin:
  • Student and independent filmmakers in Austin started their careers casting their films on Austin Actors, and have continued to do so for over a decade.
  • Local and neighboring theater companies cast and crew entire productions from Austin Actors.
  • Many local actors started their careers pursuing any and all opportunities that have come their way, and that process starts someplace. We're just one port in the storm.
  • Countless Filmmakers and Actors who've crossed paths with this website over the course of a decade are now living their dream in Austin, throughout the State of Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Los Angeles, NYC, Vancouver or anywhere, making movies and living their dream. It starts locally. And it starts with the brave souls who cash-in comfort for the craft.

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